SKE - Top Partner of Huawei

As a Value Added Partner and Service Partner of Huawei Fusion Solar and Fusion Home products, we are keen to offer the best price in the CEEU Region. Our ever growing and developing team works hard to support our customers in the field of sales, logistics, technical details and design. Our customers may contact us in multiple languages, English, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian. We provide online technical support, trainings and workshops across Europe.

Efficient Products and Strong Support

Distribution and Sales

Our sales team introduces you the highest quality smart solutions of Huawei FusionSolar and FusionHome inverters and monitoring systems.

Technical Support

Design questions, Technical issues, Warranty handling. The expert team gives you support on multiple languages (english, german, hungarian, serbian, romanian)

Logistics and Administration Team

We supply the Eastern and Central European Region from our logistic center in Wels, Austria. Our backoffice team in the company office in Luftenberg, Austria gives support in all kind of questions.

Commissioning Support

Our engineer team together with Huawei experts gives online support for your project. In case of the biggest systems on-site support is available.

Trainings and Workshops

We train your team with all the product and technical details worth knowing to give a boost to sales and installation efficiency.

Documentation and Certificates

Product datasheets, manuals, installation and commissioning guides and certificates. Our team can provide you with all kind of documentation needed for the legal, technical and practical steps of your project.