We deployed our new website

            The new SKE website has been launched

     After 3 month of development we proudly present our new website going live this week. This forum has been created in order to be able to give better support to our customers all around Europe. To display a clear picture about Huawei products we offer, to transfer the knowledge about the different solutions for different projects to harness the advanced technology of the Huawei solar inverters and monitoring devices for the highest yield.

    The Products menu contains the available Huawei FusionSolar, FusionHome and monitoring devices and solutions.  All technical details are listed about the products, and the full documentation can be downloaded including the Datasheets, User manuals, Quick guides and certificates on multiple languages.

    In the News feed we frequently share details about our future trainings across the EU, you can read about the new products and solutions Huawei announces, and news about SKE's recent activities and achievements. In the technical forum topic we go through basic and advanced processes step-by-step which could be useful in case of commissioning, monitoring and maintaining projects.

    In the FAQ section you can find all basic product information regarding Huawei inverters, monitoring systems, applications, useful tools, and also about logistics, warranty and service questions. Please browse through the topics, and if you have queries which you feel important, but you can’t find on our page, please contact us, and we’ll update the list.

    Browse the Contact details of our employees, and feel free to contact us, we are happy to answer your query.
    I hope you’ll enjoy the tour on our new website. All feedbacks are welcome if you have idea or suggestion how to improve our portal.
We continously improve the content in the future and hope that we can provide you with all necessary information.

                                All the best,
                                SKE Team