Huawei builds up a fully intelligent ecosystem for the digital PV world

Huawei participated the 2018 Intersolar Europe, a world’s leading solar energy exhibition, from June 20 to 22 in Munich, Germany. Under the theme “Roads to a digital PV world,” it displayed new products, technologies, platforms, and a new ecosystem, in an aim to build a digital PV world together with partners.

During the exhibition, Huawei showcased the world-leading smart PV series solutions that cover all scenarios, including the latest one-stop solution for large-scale ground and 1500 V PV plants, distributed commercial solution, residential smart energy solution, FusionSolar Cloud Management Center, and the smart micro-grid solution. It also shared the successful digitization practices in the new energy field.

1500 V one-stop smart PV solution release — Setting the world’s benchmark

On the first day of the exhibition, Huawei released the industry-leading 1500 V smart PV string inverter and the latest integrated smart transformer station solution.

Digital Power Generation
– 360 MPPT/BLOCK circuits, minimizing PV string mismatch
– Full digitization: 0.5% high-precision string monitoring
– Reliable digitization: no vulnerable components, 0-touch that spares O&M design
– Ecological digitization: integration of PV modules, trackers, transformers, and inverters

Digital Transmission
– PLC with no cabling, high speed, high security, and high reliability
– A digital PV IoT that fully connects people with sites through the FusionSolar app

Digital Management
– Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis 2.0 that performs full detection of 100 MW strings and generates the diagnosis report in 20 minutes
– Digital brain that implements big data analysis and preventive O&M

The 1500 V one-stop solution brings customers three unique values: unified fast delivery, unified service platform, and unified PV plant management.

Strength in Numbers: World’s Top Shipper for 3 Consecutive Years

The SUN2000 series smart PV inverters designed for large ground PV plants are more efficient, with 180 MPPT/2 MW circuits. A single inverter supports high-precision detection of 12 smart PV strings, bringing higher energy yields. The inverter provides the most advanced Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis and plant panoramic scanning. With no vulnerable components such as fuses, they are more reliable and have a fault rate of 1/10 of the industry level. Currently, they are operating stably in various harsh natural environments, whose capacity amounts to 65 GW.

Smart Energy Center to provide a better life for users

Based on the residential scenario, Huawei has launched a new series of smart PV inverters, such as SUN2000-3/4/5/6KTL. They have the highest conversion efficiency in the industry — more than 98.65% and adopt the brand new screen-free design with higher reliability. They are also the lightest among inverters of the same power in the industry and can be easily installed by one person. Digital smart PV inverters will become the hub for the energy flow and information flow of a smart home in the future, bringing users a wonderful digital life experience.

Building a rich platform for the fully intelligent ecosystem through open-minded cooperation

Thanks to intelligent digital methods, Huawei smart PV digital management platform can implement an end-to-end analysis on plant operation and maximize the benefits in the entire plant life cycle. All PV plants can be managed on one screen, which helps customers remotely grasp the operating status of all PV strings in real time. The upgraded Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis 2.0 provides the AI intelligent identification and full-scenario adaptation; dispersion rate analysis that turns passive O&M to a proactive one; remote/mobile O&M that improves the O&M efficiency by more than 50%; open architecture, standard API interfaces, and customized services to facilitate continuous evolution.

The fourth technological revolution, driven by intelligent technologies and based on digital technologies, is leading the human society towards an intelligent world where all things will be able to sense, and will be connected and intelligent. Huawei will stick to the customer-centric value and build the cornerstone for the digital PV world. It will continue serving customers as always to embrace the intelligent world together.

Article published in partnership with Huawei